WoW Board Game Helper

World Of Warcraft board game helper is a player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) helper for World of Warcraft: The Boardgame. It features combat resolution step for up to 6 player PvP game, and scrollable mob reference sheet, also featuring the bosses and their abilities.

On the main screen, board game helper features place token step phase of the game. Clicking on token area, the number of tokens in that area increases by 1, while clicking on the area with dice and token count decreases the number of tokens in corresponding field which are visually represented by combination of one and five tokens.
Click on the flag with number changes the current player for place tokens step.

The crossed swords under the player chooser area open combat summary. On the combat summary page, clicking the swords and/or the Total icon, the board helper calculates the pvp battle and displays wounds for each faction. (note: algorithm used for PvP prefers ranged damage over melee damage, so that tokens are removed first by corresponding count of armor tokens of opposing faction).

The scrolls under the player chooser area open mob character reference sheet. Even after selecting desired mob, mob sheet is scrollable, and user can navigate trough it by swiping left or right.

From every page by clicking the back arrow in the bottom left corner of the screen, board game helper returns to the main page.

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