Worried Marbles!

Inspired by the evergreen “Stay Alive!” game!

Multiplayer up to 4 players for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad!

Your poor marbles need your help. You agreed to risk them for a dangerous game and now they stand on a big ground hole hoping to stay alive! Will you save them from falling down?

Worried Marbles is a quick but tricky game. Each player in turn places his cute sleeping marbles on a highly unstable board where nobody is really safe. It has holes everywhere, so the only things keeping the marbles up are a set of movable slides. The problem is: slides have holes too! Can you figure where? Good, move them to drop your enemy’s marbles and eventually win the game!


✔ Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
✔ English and Italian interface.
✔ Real fun game up to 4 players.

✔ Challenge other people through Game Center! (requires iOS >= 4.1)
✔ Play with your friends or against up to 3 intelligent bots!
✔ Watch the app playing automatically with bot-only players!


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