WorldSoccer Go!

WorldSoccer Go! is a FREE massively-multiplayer soccer training and management game for football fans all over the world. Recruit players and level them up to build a world-class soccer team, then challenge your friends to a match to see who’s the best!

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The initial loadscreen might take a while the first time you run the game. Please be patient, it’s downloading lots of new content!

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded WorldSoccer Go! and given us feedback!

** Features **

– Play online against your friends! Add friends to your training staff with friend codes, or challenge them to a match.
– Rank up training missions to learn soccer skills, find unique items, and challenge NPC teams.
– Recruit and level up hundreds of unique players from countries around the world.
– Free updates – new training missions, items, players, and more!
– Hundreds of equipment items to purchase and discover.
– Purchase “Golden Cones” from the League Commissioner to give your team the winning edge.
– Turn-based matches let you choose your Team Captains and equip your training staff with the best gear to defeat your friends and win the Championship.

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** Contact Us! **

We are always looking for ways to improve our games, and love hearing from our fans!
Please rate and comment, or email us with suggestions and feature requests.

Support email:
Official Website:
Official Forums:

** Coming Soon **
– Openfeint integration and Achievements!
– Facebook account integration – Play WorldSoccerGo on the internet!
– Twitter messaging – send notifications to your friends.
– Ad Offers – Sign up for partnership offers to earn in-game reward points!

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