World Zoomer

How’s your sense of location? Think you’re pretty good with maps, roads, landmarks, and geography?

Here’s the ultimate map game: A zoomed-in map, and four possible locations.

So, where are you?

How to Play:

Choose a deck of maps to play, and you’ll be plopped down somewhere on one of the randomly-chosen maps.

You’re free to scroll around the map to get your bearings. A wrong guess will zoom you out for a better view.

Try to figure out where you are before time runs out. Three wrong guesses in a row, and the game’s over.

If you get all the maps correct, you’ll proceed to the next level: The deck is re-shuffled, and the game speeds up.

Map Decks:

There are 23 decks of maps. The first deck (“Ten Largest U.S. Cities”) is free, and a single, modest, one-time purchase will unlock ALL the other decks. Nothing more to buy, ever!

• Ten Largest U.S. Cities (FREE!)
• U.S. State Capitals (50 maps)
• California Cities (20 maps)
• U.S. National Parks (59 maps)
• New York City (10 maps)
• Canada (20 maps)
• Mexico (10 maps)

• Ten Largest European Cities
• European Capitals (48 maps)
• United Kingdom & Ireland (20 maps)
• France (10 maps)
• Italy (10 maps)

• Ten Largest Asian Cities
• Asian Capitals (28 maps)
• Russia (10 maps)
• China (10 maps)
• Japan (10 maps)
• India (10 maps)

• Ten Largest World Cities
• World Capitals (170 maps)
• Australia & Neighbors (10 maps)
• Africa (10 maps)
• South & Central America (10 maps)


Answer correctly with fewer guesses to get more points. Get bonuses for anwering quickly and for achieving goals.

Higher levels award more points for correct answers, but there’s less time available for each map. Five levels in all.

Tap the map to pause the game. Pull up Scores or go back to Map Decks, and your game will be frozen for later.

Shoot for a high score, or attempt earning one of the many goals. Compete with yourself or challenge your friends!

…And in Conclusion:

Fun for all ages! Plus, a superb learning tool for students of geography and social studies.

(Requires an Internet connection as map images are downloaded during gameplay.)

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