World of Whatever

Enter a World of Whatever you want it to be.
Build or destroy as you please, then show off your creations!
The world you enter may be manipulated as you please. Dig tunnels and caves, build castles, level mountains, bridge lakes. Only your imagination sets the limits.
The game is moddable – upload your own texture packs to change the look and feel from the default retro look to crisp high res textures. On iPad you may design your own in the app itself!

Stay tuned for future updates, as this game is being actively developed.

Please note that when you first enter a world, it will be generated or loaded in the background. This may slow things down a bit on a single core device such as an iPad 1. Just wait a while if things slow down to let it catch up.

Positive reviews will allow us the budget to keep developing this game, so any help is welcome!

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