World of Tunes

Enjoy World of Tunes, the most fun game on the iphone and ipod touch at a price less than a single dollar(!$)!!!!!


“World of Tunes does a whole lot of things right, graphics, controls and loveable characters!” –

” This Quirky little game will have you laughing as you tap to an upbeat soundtrack” – Somedude445

“Flawless execution across its four game modes of Story, Free Play, Crazy mode and DJ shows the polish and work developer Com2Us put into this title” –


– 4 Different Rhythm Action Game Modes: Story Mode, DJ Mode, Crazy Mode, Free Play Mode!
– Immerse Story line with 14 unique stages each with synchronized music and game play!
– 4 Customized boss stages with unique music and individualized attacks!


Save the World of Tunes by orchestrating the Tuneys in defeating the invading alien overlords.

The adorable Tuneys bounce into aerobatic action as you tap along according to the rhythmic music.

Full screen touch controls immerses you in a fully interactive adventure.

Fun for all ages with easy to learn controls

Various types of beats from indigenous music to electric piano music

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