World of Trivia

Do you like Sponge Bob? Or maybe you are fan of The Simpsons or Family guy? Do you love Twilight or Hunger Games? Or you prefer How I Met Your Mother? Maybe you enjoy watching Penguins of Madagascar or you listen to Justin Bieber’s music?

If you answered yes on any of these questions then this is a game for you.
Welcome to the World of trivia which unites 10 different themes of your favorite topics and each of them has more than 500 questions. At the moment you can test your knowledge in these topics:

Sponge Bob
Family Guy
Hunger Games
Justin Bieber
Penguins of Madagascar
One Direction
The Simpsons
How I Met Your Mother
Vampire Diaries

Get excited to answer questions and learn something new from your favorite topic, unlock new topics and complete all missions. Compete with your friends and get the top place in the leaderboard.

Use store to buy credits and unlock other themes.

Enjoy 2 different game modes:
Standard – 15 questions game;
Endless mode – keep playing till the first wrong answer.

Please keep in mind that all questions are fan made and there may be some language mistakes.

Disclaimer: This trivia app is question based game about different topics. All questions are sent in from fans all around the world. We are not associated with any creators of these tv shows/artists.

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