World Class Texas Holdem for iPhone/iPod

This game is 1st rank at iPad Casino Category and displayed on the New & Noteworthy

The “World Class Texas Hold’em” game follows the No Limit Betting rule.
No Limit Betting does not have a cap and the player can bet all of the remaining chips at once.
This poker game has simple rules, but requires advanced psychological techniques where a player must read others’ poker faces.

Game characteristics
You may enter three kinds of arenas depending on the amount of game money you have.
7 types of tournaments available at the tournament arena
It is a single-player game but offers a multi-player game-like effect through highly intelligent AI and their speech.
You can submit your game money and trophy scores to the ranking server to compete with other users.
A sophisticated and sleek graphics and user-friendly UI allow highly enjoyable gameplay.”

An update for network multiplayer game, to enable users to play together, will take place in the near future.

For questions or bug reports, please contact us via email or Twitter.

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