WordSnaps – What’s the Word Init

WordSnaps – What’s the Word Init is an addictive word-picture game. Discover the word common in 4 pictures you see. Earn coins on every level you clear. Use interesting hints like reavealing extra characters from the word or revealing an extra image to solve puzzles quickly. Buy coins from app if you are short of coins. Countless puzzles difficult and easy are waiting for you!! It’s an awesome funfilled 4pics 1word game!

Here goes the gameplay:
1)Guess the word common in 4 pics.
2)On every level you clear you’ll get some coins which you can use to avail interesting hints.
3)If you are fast to clear a level you’ll get extra time bonus coins.
4)Use interesting hints like reavealing some character(s) from the word or removing extra characters from keyboard.
You can post pics on your facebook and get answer from your friends on facebook and twitter within the app.

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