Wordshift Academy: word puzzle

Did you know that Einstein and Darwin both married their cousins? Or that 3000 years ago most ancient Egyptians died by the age of 30? With Wordshift Academy, you learn fascinating facts like these every time you play.

In the great tradition of Sudoku and Crosswords, Wordshift Academy is a classic brainteaser. You pick a topic and move letter groups around to figure out sentence that tells you a fun fact. There’s a hint button if you get stuck and a helpful rearrangement tool to make the going easier.

There’s a huge array of topics to choose from, which all throw up weird and wonderful facts. Whether it’s biology, history or maths, Wordshift Academy has a puzzle pack for you, each containing 12 unique levels.

Mingling block puzzles and traditional brainteasers, with Wordshift Academy you’ll learn as you puzzle!

Game features:

★ 144 facts from 8 different spheres of knowledge
★ Brain teasing puzzles
★ New puzzle every day!
★ Learn as you play!
★ Relaxing soundtrack

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