WordsFinder Wordfeud/NO

WordsFinder for Wordfeud helps you finding words for playing the game, or to learn words you never knew. Sort the results on word length, alphabet, or word score. Find not the longest, but the best word! You can find words using the letters you have, but also match up letters and word parts on the board.

The word length selector is handy to find words for Draw Something.

The word lists are based on Norsk ordbank and the NSF-ordlisten. Both Bokmål (633.525 words) and Nynorsk (492.506 words) are included, and separately searchable. Wordfeud now uses the “NSF-ordlisten”, the Norwegian Scrabbleforbund word list, 593.526 unique words, and is separately searchable.

Almost one million words (992.539) are included, without the need for an on-line connection. 

No internet connection is required.

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