Words Wit? Tiles

Words Wit? Tiles is the ultimate challenge to the mind!

The Goal of the Game is to form long Words with Tiles falling from above. Swipe columns to move them. Connect ADJACENT Tiles to form Words and Score!

Drop, Swipe, Connect and Score Words With Tiles!

151 Levels to beat!
67 Ranks to achieve!
Worldwide High-score boards!

Download for Free now !

How to Play:
* Touch arrows at top of columns to drop Tiles from the Tile stack
* Tap or Swipe ADJACENT & subsequent Tiles to form Words
* Submit Words by tapping fade-in Tile or tapping last Tile in the Word
* Form the Word displayed at the top (Battle Word) to boost your score
* Don’t run out of Space, Time or Tiles before scoring a bronze star to advance
* Use 5 Tiles or score at least 100 points to earn Battle Stars
* Collect Battle Stars and use them to unlock dozens of Backgrounds and Tile Sets!

In the works:
* Real-Time Multi-Player
* Social components (ability to tweet scores etc.)
* Extended Game Play
* More Achievements
* Extended Multiplier Rules

Tunes by Alexander Rotzsch (Fanta)
Idea, Design, Graphics & Programming by Carl von Havighorst (luckywildcat)

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