Words HD

Rearrange five letters to spell the correct word in less than 30 seconds.
Sounds easy? Well it’s not…

Words HD challenge you to unscramble a five-letter word in less than 30 sec. Once succeeded you get rewarded with a new word and 30 new seconds. Get as many correct words you can without running out of time in this action packed game with hours of fun.

Compete with your friends and people all around the word trough Gamecenter.
Leader boards for each language and a world champion leader board whit total score.

Free game with multi languages support for iPhone and iPod touch

Active Languages:


Compete in different languages.


HD Retina Graphics
800 words in the free version
Gamecenter support
Twitter integrated


Press the letters in the right order to spell the correct word. If you spell the wrong word the letters jumps back to the top and you get a new try. When you run out of time the game is over.

Use the skip button to get a new word and 30 new seconds. Press the hint button to see the next correct letter.

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