Wordox Free

Create words, snatch letters… it’s anyone’s game in this battle of words!

Awarded the best word game in 2012 by Gamezebo
More than 3 MILLION players!

“Wordox is one of the best word games on iOS. We can play many games at once: while a player is constructing a word in one game, you can make your word in the other ;)” Tony-ok

“A very well made game! I love it, I’ve become addicted: whenever I have a free moment, I continue my games! Moreover, we are not obliged to connect to Facebook, which really suits me!” Pitchouneg

“Fun, addictive, easy” Papercraft

Win by playing cunning, short and simple words. Surprise your opponent by snatching their letters for your words and make your moves impenetrable!

Forget the cupboard of dusty and difficult board games: Wordox is the only word game you’ll ever need!

• No advertisements + 10 Jokers offered

• A colorful word game, both strategic and fun, that allows you to steal letters from your opponents
• Play in turns and at your own pace against your friends or players from around the world
• Challenge your friends (via Facebook or their Friend Code), random players or the person facing you
• Use Jokers to avoid losing your turn
• 6 dictionaries (English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese)

Connecting to Facebook is not necessary to play!
You can play with your Facebook friends by logging into your Facebook account or with other friends by easily sending them your Friend Code. You receive this code automatically when you install the game. Your account data will not be used for any purpose other than to play Wordox.

In a word: play!

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