Word game enthusiasts unite! WORDOLOGY is a fun, exciting and addictive word game! If you pride yourself as a word game expert and have been looking for something to challenge your vocabulary, then this game is for you. Test your intellect in a game where size does matter! Use layers of lettered tiles to create the longest words possible and earn hefty points. Strategy is the key to getting high scores and achieving awards in this game. One wrong move can cost you major points. Choose the game mode that suits your skill level and you are on your way to becoming a Wordologist.

Key Features:

Four different game play modes to challenge you!

Play over and over and never repeat a game.

Want to double or triple your points? Use the Silver and Gold tiles to amp up your word score.

Try not to make too many mistakes. Misspelling a word will cost you.

To spell a longer word peek at the next layer of tiles to find the letters you need.

Keep track of stats for your current, and previous games as well as all-time records. Track your point total, longest word, tiles used, average word length and so much more.

Compete against other players worldwide with online high score tracking.

Complete 16 challenges to earn your status as a Wordologist.

WORDOLOGY features a 250,000+ word dictionary.

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