It is the night before final exams and you fall asleep while reading your exam books. As dreams mix up with the reality all your books and notes seems to get messed up. You’ll need to get them all in order before morning or you will fail your exams.

Tired of riding jetpacks or slinging things in your games? Try something different with Wordmare.

Wordmare offers a fresh view on word games with a focus on solving word associations. Each level starts with a visible word and with a the help of hints it is up to the player to solve the associated words.

Solving words will reveal more associations and the aim is to locate and solve goal words or to complete 75 percent of the whole level to unlock the next one.

Tens of hours of gameplay includes both smaller and larger levels with different themes. Some words have image or audio clues attached and if you get stuck, you can use power-ups to reveal letters for unsolved words. Complete larger levels with no time limits or challenge yourself in shorter time attack levels.

Wordmare is perfect for both casual gaming and longer play sessions, and even better when played together with friends.

-Complete the tutorial book to learn the basics
-Thousands of words to solve in 24 levels and more coming soon
-Image, Audio or Text hints on certain words
-Use power ups to reveal letters on hard words
-Can you crack the golden egg in mystery levels?

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