Three Klues to guess anything under the sun!

That’s the premise and promise of WordKlue, and we’re sure you will have hours of fun with it.

Pit your wits against Genie (a really smart gal), our resident WordKlue genius… or play with your friends.

When you play with Genie, she gives you Klues to help you guess the Word on her mind.

When you play with your friends, you’re in charge and you set the Klues that your friend uses, guess your Word. What’s more, Genie can help you with setting those Klues too (ahem, for a price, of course!)

WordKlue is a fabulous way to have fun, to compete, to collaborate, to sharpen your grey cells and earn gold along the way.

Earn the most gold coins by guessing the Word with the least number of Klues… and, the more gold you accumulate, the greater the bragging rights on the global Leaderboard.

WordKlue is a fun game for all ages, 5 (or maybe less) to 99 (or maybe more). Just pick your Category (ranging from General day-to-day words to Famous People, to Movies, to Fictional Characters, to Food, and more…) and the Difficulty Level (Easy, Medium, Hard), and you’re off to the races…

Once you’re done with a Word, know more about it using the built-in Search – we’re sure you’ll get a kick out of that.

Comment on your friends’ choice of Klues, e.g. by sending them a message at the end of the game…

Oh, and unlike some other games, you can play WordKlue even without having access to the Internet. You must have installed the game already of course; and your Treasure Chest will get updated with your winnings the next time you do get online.

We believe in the potential of WordKlue – so if you’d like to see more Words, or different Klues, or more Categories or anything else related to this game, let us know – on Facebook, or by Rating us, or you can just Write to Us. We promise to listen and incorporate as much of your feedback as we can.

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