A different take on the word puzzle game, WordingDing provides hours of challenging game play.


The object of the game is to try to fill as much of the board as possible, while making words.


You make words by moving the tiles along the bottom of the screen unto the play board. You can only place tiles adjacent to other tiles.

Once you place a tile on the board, it cannot be moved, so think carefully before you make a move. There is no time limit.

Every time you place tile, it counts as a move. Scores are calculated on each move. If you make one or more words on a move, you score points, and don't lose a tile. If you don't make a word, then the tile counter goes down by one. You start out with 20 tiles.

Sometimes it will be advantageous to make some non-scoring moves so that you can set up high scoring combos. However keep an eye on your tile counter so that you don't run out too soon.

Game Over

It's game over when you run out of tiles or the board is completely filled.

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