Wordi Pro

Pack a party in your pocket with this fast-paced and insanely addictive group word game!

Wordi’s simple:
• When the timer starts, give your teammates clues about the phrase on your card
• Quick! as soon as your team guesses it, pass Wordi to the next player
• Whoever’s holding Wordi when the buzzer sounds loses the round!

Pro Features:
✔ Thousands of phrases in 10+ categories
✔ Category and Mode selector
✔ Classic, Act, Draw, Easy and Remix Modes
✔ 1000+ new phrases in new categories every month!
✔ Snappy and Simple HD interface
✔ Clean fun for the whole family
✔ Fully compatible with all devices
✔ No ads, No notifications, No junk. Ever!

Want a lite, free version? try it!