*****Realize Your “Heroic Dream” in WordClash – Best10Apps.com*****

***** top 5 in education game in some country *****
***** rpg like word puzzle *****
***** play and bet with your friends *****

The green galaxy is invaded and in great dangers. You the young mage just graduated from the magic school is now the only hope of the green galaxy’s people.

you can learn magic from the stages and used those powerful weapon to eliminate the invaders. as you grow much stronger there are much power magic waiting for you to cast. and much powerful enemy to eliminate.

In the game there are over 36 powerful magics and over 40 difference stage to clear. It’s hard to win but the hope will never gone.

To eliminate the invading red stone enemies, you must using the power of your powers and the mythic power of words. Build a words in a col and row or the diagonal lines, and make sure your power is greater then the numbers of red enemies in it. Press the check button to start the ancient power kill all the enemies.

there are still other powers that you can used to enhance your power and to help you defeat the enemies. like the magic stones and so on.

you can play with other players, see who is the real hero. in order to play the multi games, you must first stronger enough, your level must arrive 5 and had enough admission(60 magic stones). And the winner will take the 100 stone out of it, and the failed player can only take 10.In the multi mode the chance of getting stone is greatly increased.

It’s time for you to start the adventure, create a great legend.

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