Welcome fellow word nerd! You have just discovered an incredibly challenging new word game. Do you love jumbles, anagrams, puzzles, and brain teasers? Are you addicted to Ruzzle, Words with Friends, Boggle, Scrabble, or Scramble? Then you have to try wordCache. Why, you ask? Because…

The crux of the matter is the English language is reaching an absolute nadir in history. The fetid argot of texters and chatters is a certain path to penury of the mind. Join our cadre of wordCachers. Slog through the Persian Mud Flats, slash through the Splinter Pines and chisel through the Marble Quarry to discover hidden gems of our beloved language. Do not demur! Download now! You are certain to find it a fecund experience.

Ok. Enough of the sesquipedalian drivel. Just download it and play.

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