Wordbitz is a fun and challenging game that mixes word knowledge, strategy, planning, and a little luck.

–Game Play —
Make 3 and/or 4 letter words by positioning letters in a 4×4 grid. Remove tiles, if needed, by holding the tile down. Each round has a limited number of wild and blank tiles. Wild tiles can be designated as any letter–blank tiles are for strategic placement only.

Points are based on the value of each letter of the word. You get bonus points by making more than one word at a time, so if you make 3 words, you get the letter value of the words made times three.

There are 3 rounds and each round has a limited number of letters. You get 45 letters for the first round, 60 for the second, and 75 for the third. There is no time limit.

Play against a random opponent or a friend. You can sign in with Facebook and invite friends to play, or you can invite friends by email address or username.

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