WordAbout is a fun, addicting and unique word game that will test your word prowess!

“Very addicting and fun!” – dkap09
“This is going to be a permanent app on my iPhone. Why didn’t you make this game sooner?” – Nereeee
“Best.. word.. game.. EVAR” – JMI

How To Play:
Your goal is to transform your word to the goal word. Simple? Not quite! You have to change one letter at a time until your word becomes the goal word. Each letter you change must still result in a valid word.

– 1,000 levels!
– 1,000 bonus challenges for super replayability
– 60+ achievements
– Gorgeous modern minimalist design
– Relaxing soundtrack to get your juices going
– Unique gameplay
– Intuitive controls
– Tailored for all ages and skill levels


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