Word Traveller Lite

If you love word games like Scrabble, crosswords, anagrams or the game show Lingo, you’ll love Word Traveller. Figure out the secret words to complete each round and play for trophies and high scores.

Start each round with the first letter of the secret word in place, then enter new words to reveal unknown letters. Green letters are in the mystery word and in the correct position, while yellow letters are in the word, but in the incorrect position. You have a limited amount of time to solve five words per round with ten guesses per word. Don’t worry, you’ll start out with “Free Letters” and earn more along the way to help you solve words when you get stuck. During the Bonus Round you can earn more Free Letters or score bonus points.

In the Lite version, you can hone your skills with 4-letter Quick Play rounds, or play the Word Tour for an extended game experience and higher scores. When you’ve perfected your skills with the 4-letter words you can upgrade to the full version for only 99 cents and get much, much more!

Word Traveller Lite game features include:

**Hundreds of 4-letter words at The Beach
**Hundreds of 5-letter words at The City
**Easy and Normal modes
**High scores for each mode
**Two unique locations with soothing background sounds


**Over a thousand MORE 4-Letter words at The Beach
**Over two thousand MORE 5-letter words at The City
**6-letter words at The Sphinx
**7-letter words at The Reef
**Easy, Normal and Genius modes
**Over 9,000 handpicked words to solve in Easy and Normal modes
**Over 52,000 words in Genius Mode
**Four unique locations with soothing background sounds
**Trophies for completing levels in the Complete Word Tour
**High scores for every level and mode

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