Word Teasers

The WordTeasers App is a fun and physical way to get kids and adults talking, laughing
and learning. WordTeasers is a series of fun conversation starters designed to help
facilitate conversation and/or learning. Simply place your iPhone or iPod Touch inside
the new TheO ball from Physical Apps and roll, toss or shake the ball. The motion
triggers a new question or phrase for the player to respond to.

The WordTeasers App includes the ability to purchase 8 separate packs of questions
including: SAT Vocabulary, Junior, Small Fry, Funny Sayings, Funny Sayings 2, Sports
Idioms, Origins, American Heroes and Legends and World Geography. Each pack
contains 150 questions and will be sold separately.

TheO is a foam ball that provides exceptional protection for your iPhone or your iPod
Touch during fun and physically engaging games and activities. The WordTeasers App
combined with TheO will engage the player both mentally and physically.

Get active, get playing, get fun with TheO and Physical Apps.

See what others are saying about TheO – the revolutionary new ball that lets you have
physical fun, exercise and learning with mobile apps…

“TheO lets you play ball with your iPhone…safely” PCWorld

“We loved TheO from Physical Apps…” Good Housekeeping

“Foam ball makes it safe to roll and throw your phone” GIZMODO

“TheO transforms the iPhone [and iTouch] into a smart ball” Chipchick

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