Word Tap Tap

Enjoy this race against the clock to find as many words as possible. Tap your way to the top of the leaderboards in this arcade style word game with a twist.

Watch out for the point deduction system that will punish those that enter random words, SORRY! Make too many mistakes and you may lose those hard earned points.

Over 50,000 Words (3-10 Letter Words)
4×4 Grid Style
GameCenter Leaderboard Enabled

Two Modes:
Easy Mode – Small scores, fewer deductions
Hard Mode – Big scores, more deductions

Select a game mode.

Start by tapping on the letters to spell out the word. Tap on the last letter of the word twice in order to submit the word.

To submit the word FUN, you simply tap on the F, then the U, then tap on N twice to submit the word.

If you make any mistakes, you can tap the ‘red X’ near the timer in order to clear the board.

Word Tap Tap will auto log in and post scores to the Game Center Leaderboard after a round. If you are not logged into the Game Center, then scores will not be posted. Click on the Game Center icon on the main menu to see the Leaderboard if you want to compare scores.

When at the Game Center Leaderboard, select ‘Challenge’ then select which friends you want to send a challenge to and wait for the fun to begin.

Word Tap Tap is optimized for iOS 5.0+.

Suggestions and other feedback welcome!

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