Word Search

Word Lover’s Word Search is the game for people who love a well-crafted puzzle. It has over 75 fun word lists with unique themes, created by a game designer, not a computer. A new, intricate puzzle is generated every time you play using clever rules for word placement. It won’t drain your battery, won’t use up your memory, and works with the iPod so you can listen to music while you play. Additional features include:
• Auto-saves when you press Home, or when there’s a phone call, so you won’t lose your game.
• Tilt-A-Vision! With this special option selected, all the letters in a puzzle stay upright as you rotate or tilt your iPhone or iPod touch.
• Four puzzle sizes, from kid-friendly 10×10 to challenging 18×18.
• New in-game feature to buy additional packages of word lists. Our first package “By The Book” is currently available, with over 65 new word lists all for only one dollar.
• Game timer and random puzzle selector.

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