Word Search SE (Steampunk Edition)

Word Search – Steampunk Edition is a fun and challenging word search game that offers three different modes of play. Try to find all of the hidden words before the time runs out, or choose to play without a time limit. You can even choose to build your own word search! Enter up to twelve words, choose a background, select to play with or without a timer, and choose a size. With a library of almost 3,000 education-appropriate words, you will never play the same puzzle twice!

• Steampunk theme
• Library of 3,000 education-friendly words
• Three different modes of play
• Infinite possibilities
• Addictive and challenging

Word Search – Steampunk Edition was created by TSI Graphics.
Our experienced staff of experts has an established, proven record of meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in Editorial; Design, Art, and Photo; Composition; Project Management; and Interactive Technology. The most distinguished names in the educational industry depend on us for consistent quality, innovative solutions, and strict adherence to agreed-upon budgets and timelines.

Recommended Ages: 5 and up

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