Word Race Lite

Find words to gallop your horses!
Word race is the most thrilling word -race- game ever.
Specially designed for the ones who are confident with their vocabulary and agility. The game can be played easily and it will soak you into the racing environment in minutes.
You are warned: Word Race is addictive :)

When the race begins, you try to extract meaningful words out of the mixed letters, when you find one your horse advances in the race. The longer your words are, the faster your horse gallops.
Don’t forget, you allways control the blue horse.
The game has two modes. In multiplayer mode you race with your opponents in real-time. If you don’t have internet connectivity or you don’t want to wait for the other horses loading in, you can always play the singleplayer mode.

– The first game ever to combine words and racing!
– Different letters everytime, two races will never be the same
– Multiplayer and Singleplayer modes
– Amazing visuals and sounds
– 21 different badges to unlock. As you accomplish little missions you earn trophies.
– In-game market, where you can use golds you earned from the races or bought from the gold bank
– Daily, weekly, monthly and overall scoreboard for your high scores
– The game ambiance (sound levels & vibration) may be personalized via settings menu

For more detailed information, pay us a visit @ http://www.wordracegame.com

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