Word Puttz

From the makers of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK comes a word-tile adventure game! Download Word Puttz – the only octopus-hosted, word-tile/mini-golf mashup that you’ll ever need!

“Addictive as krill!” – a whale

Build cross words until you reach the cup. It sounds easy but there’s a catch. Octoputtz, a spelling-obsessed octopus, owns a chain of mini-golf courses that are loaded with obstacles, challenges and bizarre surprises just waiting to trip you up. Collect stars, crush mollusks and unlock new worlds in this addictive, word-tile adventure game!

“All mammals should own this game!” – Marty the Manatee

Word Puttz highlights:

· Four crazy courses with 70+ levels!
· Dozens of unique tiles and missions!
· Challenging puzzle levels!
· Heart-pounding racing levels!
· Innovative auto-spelling for fast gameplay!
· Compete with friends on the leaderboard!
· Constant free updates and new levels!

Don’t be a sucker! Download Word Puttz today!

Word Puttz Review

Words games really do seem to be a dime a dozen on the App store, yet occasionally one grabs us and forces us to reconsider our stance on the genre. Most of the really popular word games are multiplayer-centric, which is fine for those out there who like that sort of thing. But what about the anti-social word lovers? Who cares about us? Well, as it turns out, Jackbox Games cares. Yes, the makers of Read More →