Word Pic Quiz Patriot Test – test your knowledge of American Icons, Landmarks and Pastimes

Word Pic Quiz – Patriot Test – Download the amazingly ADDICTIVE test of all things American – with BEAUTIFUL HD images of the people and things that define the American experience.

How many can you name? Earn coins with a simple and fun gameplay.

If you get stuck – you can spend coins on HINTS or ask your Facebook network for help.

Name all of the images on the current level to advance.

– 100’s of beautiful HD images… and more coming!
– 15 levels to get you started, with new levels added often
– GameCenter Enabled – earn the High Score!
– Share your current level and points with your friends
– WARNING: incredibly addictive and fun!

The past and present of the USA comes to life with 100’s of stunning HD images.

How well do you know the Landmarks, Events, Leaders and Pastimes of the United States of America?

Get to the top of the GameCenter’s rankings and show the world that you are a champion of epic proportion – a true hero of WPQ – Patriot Test!

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