Word of Fortune

Word of Fortune is a Word Search puzzle game!

Do you like puzzle game, do not hesitate to play this game which is very fun. Word of Fortune is the best brain teasers for adults and kids!

To solve the puzzles, users simply slide their fingers over the correct letters on the board.

Word of Fortune then checks to see which letters have been selected, and looks for a match.

Find a match, and watch as the word slides off the screen, leaving the user to find the next word / letters.

In this game we use different daily themes (Family, food, Sport, Verbs, supermarket,kitchen,….., which make this game very fun and interesting!

Start playing it with your kids and enjoy the game with your family. 

Word of Fortune is deluxe game as enjoyable as all your favorite app.

Note: If you have any technical problems other concerns or questions, please visit our www.multinetz.com Home page.

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