Word Charades

Word Charades is the best Taboo style party game in the App Store. I’ve worked hard on this update, and I really think you guys are going to love it. It’s beautiful. It just works. And it’s true to the classic game rules that we all know and love.


★★★★★ Rated 4.5 Stars by theiphoneappreview.com – “There are some neat extras tucked into the Word Charades app that make it the best digital rendition of this gaming style we’ve ever seen”.


Simply put, Word Charades is the best Taboo-like experience on the App Store. There are no complicated settings, the interface is clean, simple, and the card management feature is unmatched. The new downloads cards feature (in-app purchase) is averaging 50 new card submissions per day, with an approval rate over 50%. This means Word Charades is not only the best value amongst its competitors right now, it keeps getting better with time.

What is Word Charades? It’s a fun word guessing game played between two teams. I grew up playing this game with my friends and family it remains my favorite game to play at family get togethers. The goal is to get your team to guess the word at the top of the card by describing that word to your team without using 5 forbidden words listed below it. Imagine trying to get your team to guess Justin Bieber without saying: Hair, You Tube, Baby, Singer, or Pop-Star. You have 60 seconds to get your team to guess as many as they can. Trying to describe things without using the most common words under the stress of the timer really makes for a fun experience.



★ The best Taboo-like experience found on the app store, loaded with features for the most convenient game experience including: sound effects, a score adjustment feature, a round review feature, and a clear tutorial that will get new players up and running quickly.

★ One of a kind remote buzzer capability that lets you connect multiple iOS devices and use the secondary devices as remote buzzers! This really adds to the game experience.

★ Over 2000 game cards (and growing) that will never repeat during a game

★ A visual timer that helps the clue giver see how much time remains

★ A new best-in-class Manage Cards feature that lets users create their own game cards for free, a purchase cards feature that let lets you purchase 500 premium cards via in-app purchases, and a download cards feature that lets users download an unlimited supply of user-created/developer approved game cards. This feature is unmatched amongst the competition and will keep your games fresh as new cards are continuously added using the download cards feature.

★ If you’re looking for a game that matches the classic experience this game delivers

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