Word Buster – Explosive Word Search Fun!

Insanely Addictive!

String together letters to create words and detonate the evil sea mines! Build bigger words to earn bonuses like double, triple, or even quadruple word scores… Combine multiple bonuses for crazy huge points! Don’t forget to watch out for those nasty mines — if they reach the ocean floor it’s game over!

Collect coins throughout the game to spend on awesome power-ups! They’ll help smash your high score and be the envy of your friends.


The Whirlpool – Scramble your letters for a fresh start
The IntelliFish – Ask for a hint from our lovable bookworm
The Electric Eel – Zap the lowest mine and stay in the game


– Easy to play: just drag to select words
– Compare high scores with your friends!
– Earn Power-Ups as you play
– Earn 11 achievements and prove you’re a Word Wizard!
– Daily, weekly, and all time leaderboards
– Share your high score over Twitter


“Fantastic brain booster, challenging and entertaining. Highly recommended.”

“Lots of fun! Was looking for a new word game and this didn’t disappoint!”

“Great graphics and fun gameplay. It is addictive. Plays great in an airport boarding lounge!”

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