Word Absurd – Word Search Puzzle Book

★★★ Word Absurd now includes high resolution graphics for the Retina display on the new iPad! ★★★

Word Absurd is not your typical word search app! Each offbeat puzzle features a green leafy bed of “normal” words lightly sprinkled (or heavily dusted) with a piquant seasoning of “absurd” and funny words. Can you find them all?

★★★ Game Reviews ★★★
• The iPhone App Review (http://bit.ly/9aseQP) gives Word Absurd a perfect score (10/10), saying “Word Absurd provides you with hours of entertainment and 100 puzzles with fun, crazy themes” and “Word Absurd is really one of those apps that makes me realize how great apps can be.”

• AppCraver (http://bit.ly/cGZTyD) rates Word Absurd 8/10, saying “Word Absurd is an Uncommonly Good Word Search” and “is cheaper than buying a book of puzzles and far easier to carry along wherever you may go.”

★★★ Game Features ★★★
• Clean and simple puzzle book interface
• Flip easily between puzzle pages, word lists, and solution pages — go ahead and cheat!
• “Roll the dice” to quickly add new puzzle pages
• Browse leisurely to find your favorite absurd puzzle title
• Fast puzzle generator produces challenging and fun puzzles emphasizing word overlaps
• Game includes 100 uniquely absurd puzzle titles and word lists. More absurdity coming soon!
• Each title can be played multiple times
• Universal app — works on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
• Play in peace with no ads, interruptions, or distractions. Hooray!

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