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Woozzle is a game from Lukas Korba, originally released 31st March, 2011


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Woozzle Review

Coming up with a new and original puzzler for the iOS platform is no easy task. Nearly every type of style has been done numerous times over. Relevant to that reality, putting out a product that has staying power atop the charts is roughly akin to winning the lottery. Sure it can happen, but it’s not likely. Woozzle is an interesting puzzle game that takes some unique turns to establish its own identity.

Before jumping into details, we’re so happy to see that this isn’t a rebranding of what we’ve already seen many times over. With so many versions of Cut the Rope and Angry Birds cluttering up the market, originality has become a rare sight for sore eyes. Woozle is a logic game that has you manipulating colorful balls into pods. Once all the pods are filled with balls of the required colors, you clear the stage. You can earn up to three stars for each stage, with how quickly and efficient you power through the stage determining your rating. Fairly simple, but the easy mechanics and flow make transitioning into “zen” status doable.

Marble madness.

Boasting 60 levels, the game has enough variation to stay fresh. There are cool modifiers that can reroute, recolor, and teleport balls across the stage. Early levels are simple enough to garner 2 and 3 star ratings without fail, but later levels can take anywhere from two to three minutes to fill the pods. Wading through all the levels can be done within a few hours. The silver lining comes with the promise of a level editor which should add more replay value to the game.

The element that really helps make the game shine is the tranquil and peaceful presentation. The music is relaxing and it perfectly complements the deliberate play of Woozzle. The forest setting is lush, and the style is executed all throughout the game’s menus too. It’s great seeing the extra considerations made here to put some sizzle in a genre where the graphics aren’t the usual emphasis.

Send ’em down the shoot.

Extras are a little bit light at this stage. The level editor that the developer is working on appears to be legit; they even have a trailer available for it. Game Center integration is built in, allowing people to see their scores in comparison to their buddies. A big missing piece is some sort of competitive or cooperative multiplayer. While Woozzle is its own beast, it does share some similarities with Match-3 oriented games, making it a fine candidate for social gaming.

Puzzle fans would be well served to check out this game. It’s got a nice angle and the execution is damn good. We’re interested to see how Woozzle continues being supported over the long term, but we’ve got a good feeling that the level editor may be a game changer that elevates this title even further.