Woogi Match

Prepare for fun and excitement as you match cards with your friends and compete against your favorite Woogi celebrities! Play the classic card game “Concentration” in a whole new way!

— Solo Play —
Play the game by yourself and test your memory as you flip cards to find matching pairs.

— Multiplayer Play —
Reveal the highest number of matching pairs as you play against 1, 2, or 3 other players. Share your mobile device with your friends or try to outsmart the Woogi celebrities!

— Woogi Celebrities —
Unlock up to 5 additional Woogi celebrities inside the game, each with their own level of difficulty, including favorites such as: BigWig, Dr. Wiggenstein, Weegor, Wanda Wiggs, and YY!

— Celebrity Voices —
Woogi Match is more than just a game. See the Woogi celebrities interact with one another using more than 400 voice clips that keep the game fresh and enjoyable!

— Multiple Board Sizes —
Eight board sizes available from 3×2 (6 cards) up to 6×6 (36 cards).

— Card Sets —
Choose from 7 themed card sets (including 5 unlockable sets), totaling over 120 playing cards!

— Background Music —
Listen to one of 7 original songs (including 5 unlockable songs) while you play Woogi Match!

— Settings —
Customize your game by setting your preferred game speed, as well as controlling the volume of music and sound effects using a convenient in-game settings menu.

— Statistics —
Automatically keep track of the games you’ve played, your medal tallies, and the awards you’ve earned!

— Link to Your Woogi World Account —
The game becomes a lot more fun when you link it to your Woogi at woogiworld.com. Import your very own Woogi avatars from woogiworld.com for each human player! Send awards earned in Woogi Match to your Woogi account at woogiworld.com to complete Woogichievements!

Visit woogiworld.com for more fun Woogi games and activities!

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