An "out of the screen" digital pup that plays with you in your living room, in your front yard, and on your office table! This realistic looking canine bundle of energy dances to your music, rolls when you say ‘roll’, and sniffs for food when hungry. How will you keep the pup happy and cheerful? How will you show your love for this cute little sensation?

Yes, Woofie lives outside your screen. Woofie plays right there in your living room, in your kitchen, in your front yard, on your office table day and night. Woofie's there where and when your heart desires.

WoofieWoof is an incredibly astute Augmented Reality (AR) based app. Opening in camera mode (video mode), it cleverly studies the picture in the live video and places Woofie in it and provides a space for it to play in. It can detect floors, carpets, tables, and the like. This is repeated continuously for every frame in the video. The entire experience is so real and natural, you might forget Woofie is a virtual pet! The app can also understand the user's hand movements and voice, making the experience even more realistic.

Using such natural human interaction techniques, the users can seamlessly engage with the cute looking pup and a series of great 3D animations. The users play with Woofie using hand gestures and voice commands. Users are motivated to continuously engage with Woofie by its real life-like emotional aspects. Every now and then, the users need to shoulder a little bit of responsibility to keep the cute doggie happy and cheerful.

If you haven't played with Woofie in a while, you get to see your little puppy's wrath! If you haven't taken Woofie out of the doghouse in a while, your pup's sad and depressed. Now the challenge for you is to bring Woofie back to the normal active style. Woofie gets hungry from time to time as well. Duh! But don't worry, you can feed by hand gestures. Interactions like hand gestures and voice commands like 'stand', 'sit', 'come', etc not only bring a smile to your face but also make your new puppy friend happy.

Wait until you see Woofie dance to the beats of your favorite music. Watch it roll on your carpet when you say 'roll'. Watch it try to catch its own tail…

Facebook Integration: Once logged into Facebook, you can share your favorite Woofie moments with your friends. One click will take a picture of Woofie and post it to your timeline.

A little bit technical now. This AR app has a state-of-the-art computer vision platform that does the image recognition and analysis. It recognizes the scenes in the user's environment that come from the camera and automatically construes geometric and physical rules. In the background, the app segments, categorizes and reconstructs the scenes in digital format on the fly. Once reconstructed, Woofie is rendered in a spot & pose the user would naturally expect. Since this happens in real-time, the flow becomes very natural and believable. The app also has a sound engine that is powerful enough to recognize users' voice. Voice is converted into commands that instruct the pup to do certain stuff.

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