WoodBlock Architect 3D

This is a 3D puzzle game, where You can build famous houses and constructions up with this application.

We choose constructions from wide range of time. You can find buildings from very old times to nowadays in this game.

The number of the building bricks are different in every model.
The best practise is to begin with an easy model, which has a low number of bricks.
You first building should be the “Arc de Triomph” It is very easy to build, so You can concentrate to discover the navigation of the 3D space and the moving of the bricks.
See more about the navigation below.

Any time during the playing You can rotate the divece to find the best screen configuration for your building. For example portrait mode is more suitable to play when you build a tall construction like Eiffel Tower, and the landscape mode is more practical for low constructions, like Sidney Opera House.

If you quit during the playing pressing the “home” button of your device, the application save your current building state automatically.
You have the choise at the next launch to resume your last playing state. Select the “resume” button in the main menu to do this.

How to play

You have to choose a building first.
After it, You can see the 3D space, where is only the empty desk of your model.

You can choose building bricks from a list of bricks on the bottom side of the screen. You can show and hide this list with the button on the right side of the screen.
When you pick a brick from the list, it appears in the 3D space, on one corner of the building desk.
You can move the brick with your finger.

If the positions of two bricks are compared to each other are the same like in the final model, they stick together, to become one brick, after it you can move them together.

On the top of the screen You can see how many bricks are in their right place from all bricks.

You can switch between the view of the whole building ( your aim ) and your current building state. You should use the house icon on the bottom of the screen to do this.

Moving bricks

If You see the model from top or almost top, You can move the brick in the horisontal plane.
If you see the model from front- or side view, You can move the brick vertical.

3D navigation

If You tap a brick with your finger, then You can move the object.
If You tap on the background, You can rotate the model to find the best view to your current building action.
With two fingers You can zoom in and out or/and pan the model like in lot of application, but now you do this in the tree dimensional space.
If You move your fingers closer or further to each other, you zoom in or out.
If You move your fingers paralel, You can move the model paralel with the screen.

Have a nice play !

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