Wongstar: A self-proclaimed hero

Wongstar, a self proclaimed hero is a new touch on the zombie genre, an amazing topdown 2D game which will let you try too survive hordes of undead. Use many different structures that you easily can buy and upgrade that will help you in battle.

This game will tell you an extraordinarily funny story about the self-proclaimed hero Wong, using a comic book perspective.

Complete all eight campain maps to find out the whole story. Battle against different zombie types and defend a range of different locations.

Test how much score you manage to earn on the endless game mode, and will you manage to kill the boss on them… ?

Key features:

*Fight as Wong, a self-proclaimed hero against an endless amount of zombies.

*Fight regular, runner and tank zombies.

*Battle zombie bosses

*Follow this unique story by reading in game comic strips

*Use a wide range of different defensive structures too help defend yourself or one of the many places the zombies will try too attack.

*Eight very different campaign maps and 3 endless maps.

*Use the machine gun, pistol or flamethrower to defeat the enemies of Wongstar, or let your defensive structures do the work for you.

*All weapons and defensive structures are upgradable in the in-game workshop, or in the endless menu.

*Important *
This game will only work on an Iphone 4, Ipad 2 or newer.

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