Woman VS Mosquitoes

Limited free time! Happy Hour~!MOVE MOVE MOVE!
Enjoy the game!

All kinds of disgusting bugs are showing up in the summer. Mosquitoes try to get your blood. Flies make you sleepless all the time. Rats also make you nervous. A beautiful summer becomes meaningless by these disturbing bugs. It is so depressing when this happens.

Why not fight back? Take your pan and knife, and eliminate these pests. You are responsible for protecting your own home!

Game features:
-Smooth gesture helps you to relax at your free time
-Three playing styles are unlocked.It includes classic, time and crazy modes. Play it!
-Many kinds of pests are challenging. If you are tired of fruit and vegetables, come and eliminate the pests!
-The leisure game makes you relax
-Every mode has a different Gamecenter system.

Tip: pay attention to your furniture.

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