Wizard School : Teen Learning Magic & Spells

You are sixteen, it’s now time for you to learn your first magic spells, you have waited for so long ! Almost all of your friends have already learn the 10 basic spells, now it’s your turn !!

You are just about to learn your first spell, but it will be a challenge, you will have to go in the attic with no spell at all at first. On your first trip your goal is to pick up as much magic runes as possible, the more you get, the faster you’ll start using magic. It seems easy but there will be spiders, bats, rats and who knows what else lurking in the shadow, you won’t be able to fight them at first, you’ll have to be patient and just collect magic runes for now, but soon you will be able to have magic attack or power to help you out.

Of course since you are only sixteen you will only be able to use one spell at a time, so some will have magic attacks or some other cool effect to help you pick up more runes.

In no time you should be able to throw fireballs, to shrink yourself, to control lightning, to fly or even to become invisible, but in order to master those spells you’ll have to visit the magical attic often and pick up as many runes as you can ! And don’t worry, you can also kill as many bats or spiders as you can, there is an endless bunch out there, the attic has been the training group for wizard like you for hundreds of years. Maybe in your next quest you’ll be able to venture to the temple of Magi or the old abandoned tower, who knows.

The left side of the screen is always used to jump or fly, a quick tap will make you jump a bit, and a longer tap will ensure a higher jump. For the weapon spell, if you have the appropriate spell equipped, you will be able to use your weapon by tapping the right side of the screen.

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