Wizard Ops Tactics

Part Action, Part Strategy, Total Wizardry!

Are YOU ready to command a crazy commando team known as the Wizard Ops? Prepare to BATTLE your friends and the rest of the world to see who is the ULTIMATE Wizard Commander!

Wizard Ops Tactics is an asynchronous, turn based, tactical game that allows you to battle your friends whenever and wherever you like! Build and customize your armies for maximum destruction!

Best of all it’s FREE! So play it now and let the battles begin!

*iPhone 3GS & iPad 1 ARE NOT SUPPORTED

*iPad 2, iPhone 4 and above and iPod Touch 5th Gen and above Devices are supported

*Signing into Phyken Media or Facebook to login and play the game is required. Its what will let you play across devices, saving your gold and your stats.

Wizard Ops Tactics Review

Wizard Ops Tactics takes the asynchronous multiplayer model established by games like Hero Academy and expands it. It features customizable teams of wizards that battle in eerie magical arenas. Like a game of chess, there are more options here can you would initially think. For some, this game might be the perfect challenge. For others, it might require too much of a time investment. When the game begins, you are given the chance to go Read More →

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