Witchspace 2

Witchspace 2 is a role playing / sand-box / simulation set in a Galaxy that changes with each new game.

You command a ship along with your three lovely crew mates, in pursuit of the ultimate goal, Freedom.

How to achieve that goal is entirely up to you.

Will you speculate in raw materials trading, or mine asteroids directly and sell your cargo on the richest planets? Maybe you’ll decide to to scour the galaxy in search of pirate scum to be eradicated, for a fee. Or will you turn to the dark side, become a Pirate, and travel the space lanes in search of the juiciest prey ? There is no single way to play, but there is only one way to win. Gain permanent freedom and independence, and earn the commander rating of ‘Elite’.

Gameplay features:
•Procedurally generated games mean you don’t ever play the exact same game twice.
•Engage in combat in 3 dimensions.
•Combat requires preparation, strategy, quick thinking, and a little luck.
•Interact with over 160 Planets and Asteroids.
•Each Planet has a dynamic economy. Buy low, sell high. Easy !
•Maintain and enhance 7 onboard systems, or pay the price in combat.
•Mine Asteroids for raw materials.
•Craft repair parts, and upgrades for your ship.
•Your crew can stop and smell the roses when luxuriating on vacation.
•Create your very own Asteroid Base, complete with all of the comforts of home.
•Two difficulty levels, in case you start to feel cocky.
•Help manual is incorporated into the game. No need to be online when playing.

You start the game with the weakest of ships, randomly placed in an unforgiving Star System. From there you must strike out and become master of your own fate.

The depth of strategy and simulation of this game requires that the player take the time to learn about the Universe they inhabit, and the ship they command. This is no shallow shoot em up, or repetitive defense game. If you take the time to sink your teeth in, you will be rewarded with hours of emergent gameplay.

Witchspace 2 is the type of game I’ve always had a hard time finding on a mobile platform. Now, I hope you’ll enjoy the game as much as I do.

User feedback will be incorporated into future releases, so if you have any requests, bring em on.

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