Witch Wars

It’s time for Witch Wars: Puzzle! Real time puzzle battling and fast-paced block shattering action!

Glossy graphics and wicked-cool witches all in one game you won’t be able to put down!

Oh, the best part? You can enjoy Com2uS’s great network battle action for FREE!

Awesome gleaming, golden high-adrenaline effects amp the action in Witch Wars: Puzzle!
When you burst 3 magic symbols, the magic within it will be released! Keep ‘em exploding to rack up powerups and win!

– Daily Bonus Event –
New character & coins unlock for you every day. Enjoy different rewards and characters each and every day!

Play with 7 different witch characters to enjoy real time battles with users all over the world!

“It’s likely their best game yet!” – deltaattack
“Witch Wars: Puzzle twists the match-3 games fantastically online!” – GameZebo
“With rich contents and online competition, Witch Wars: Puzzle will steal your time away!” – appadvice
“Adrenaline fueled, puzzle popping extravaganza EVER!” – APPMODO
“Witch Wars: Puzzle is not a game that you can afford to ignore!” – TouchArcade

Game Features

— 3-block-matching puzzle gameplay you know and love.
— 5 awesome block elements add specialized skills to your status: Knife (attack), handcuffs (imprison), potion (heal), skill book (skill gauge), coin (earn coins)
— Power Block : Activate stronger attacks when bursting 4 blocks or more!

Different Modes!!!
— Online Match Mode : Real time network battles with users around the world
— Single Match Mode : Single survival mode with normal, hard, and hell modes
— Flash Mode : Earn as much points as possible in 1 minute
— Infinity Mode: Challenge for the highest level and score to infinity and beyond!

…And More!
— 7 different witch characters, each with different skills + voice support!
— Move on up: upgrade abilities with coins
— Global ranking support

– Perfect English Support ! –
We also support Korean, Deutsch, français, 日本語, 中文简体, and 中文繁體.

148Apps: “…what interests me most is the promise of constant character unlocks, multiple modes, and individual (and upgradable) skills that help to set each witch apart.”

CapsuleComputers: “Best of all, there is a power block to activate stronger attacks when bursting four or more blocks.”

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