Witch Hunt Run

From the classic tale of Hansel and Gretel comes a game featuring their cousins Hannah and Noah.

Hannah and Noah were once captured by a vile witch when their cousins Hansel and Gretel rescue them and defeat the witch.

Learning the art of Witch Hunting from their cousins, Hannah and Noah help save children by destroying witches who would seek to harm.

Download Witch Hunt Run today!

Live the adventures of Hannah and Noah as they discover a gathering of witches performing a wicked ritual.

Help keep the children safe!

-Endless game play, beat your highest score
-Run and jump through the forest as you shoot
down witches
-Watch out for large OGRES!
-Fantastic graphics, music and sounds makes you feel a part of the advenutre
-Collect Treats to unlock all the characters

Enjoy Witch Hunt Run, help keep the children safe by hunting witches and growing your legend.

Play for free now!

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