Wisp: Eira's Tale

“A beautiful platformer with delicate touch controls, Wisp is a magical puzzle waiting to be solved.”

Toucharcade.com “Yeah, this is one Hell of a game. It’s like Dark Nebula and Lander had a child.”, “I’m loving Wisp so far, it’s every bit as gorgeous as it is fun to play.” Wisp: Eira’s tale has over over 100 000 downloads on all versions.

• Guide Eira the wisp through 3 different worlds with 10 levels each.
• Avoid being consumed by Fáfnir’s corrupted blood.
• Collect elemental power-up’s from Earth, Fire and Ice.
• Collect achievements with Game Center and OpenFeint integration.
• Experience the soothing and relaxing Nordic inspired music.

• Touch screen to ascend.
• Release screen to descend.
• Tilt phone to move left and right.

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The soundtrack of Wisp: Eira’s Tale is available for FREE on SoundCloud!


“This game is suitable for those who enjoy chillaxing with a
graphically-appealing game, with tilt controls and no emphasis
on score or best times.”

“If you like soothing, low pressure games with unlimited time, then you will definitely want to check out Wisp: Eiraís Tale.”

“Wisp definitely gets our seal of approval.”

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