wiseHopper™ is an amazingly fun educational game. It’s great for school classrooms. It’s wonderful for home schooling. In this beautifully crafted game, you help the hoppers get to the shore by hopping from one correct answer to another. But watch out, the bullfrog can knock you back to the start. Test your knowledge to save as many hoppers as you can!

wiseHopper™ includes math, word, and grammar games in both English and Spanish (24 games in all).

Math Games
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
Word Games (English & Spanish)
• Food
• Family
• House
• Clothing
• Body Parts
Grammar Games (English & Spanish)
• Verbs
• Pronouns
• Adverbs
• Adjectives
• Conjunctions

Game options allow teachers to:
• Turn off external links
• Turn off hints
• Select the stream speed
• Turn off the chasing bullfrog
• Reset scores

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