Wing Whackers Premium

The Premium version of the free app for the Avian Kingdom Fanatic. All the options are available in this version!

Help save your favorite flying hero from extinction. Navigate him safely home to his family avoiding both natural and human-made obstacles.

Stay alive for the duration of your commute home and your family will be waiting for you.

Pick your favorite Avian Hero, and guide him through the challenges of their daily rush hour with all the expected requirements: Pick up dinner, don’t get caught by your nemesis, and avoid being whacked by wind turbines and power lines.

Pick Your Hero:
• Captain Eagle
• Doctor Hoots
• Count Vlad
• Admiral Pelicanous
• Lieutenant Habicht (hawk)
• [Mystery Bird] (coming soon)

Choose Your Habitat:
• California
• Texas
• Cape Cod
• The Alps (coming soon)

See you in the skies!

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