Universal Rating: 4+

Windosill is a game from, originally released 15th December, 2011


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Windosill iPad Review

Games have tried to be ‘art’ ever since the medium was created, but few take the task as seriously as Windosill. This logic puzzler is akin to scrolling through an interactive abstract mosaic, and it’s an absolute thrill ride.

Windosill is comprised of 11 levels, each with a logic puzzle based on the various objects in the environment. The goal is to get a cube and place it into the slot above the door, leading to the next puzzle. You’ll need to experiment, figuring out how different objects interact with one another. The solution is never obvious, but puzzles are designed so that you’ll always figure it out. Take our word for it: Never use a guide for this game.

We’ve had nightmares like this before.

Complementing the brilliant puzzle design are the equally brilliant production values. Each level is full of abstract objects created out of various shapes. Everything onscreen can be interacted with, and should be, as there’s always a surprise to be found. The sound effects fit the visuals perfectly, so you’ll want to keep the sound turned on. Smooth multitouch controls and a perfect frame rate allow you to immerse yourself in Windosill’s offbeat world as long as it lasts.

Unfortunately, that’s not very long. First-time players will likely take around 45 minutes to complete the entire game. Once you’ve done this, subsequent playthroughs can take mere minutes. You’ll want to take the game for a spin a second time to play around with the tilt controls and ‘see-thru mode’ (which makes all the shapes transparent, allowing you to see how each object is created), but beyond that, there’s no reason to return. Still, Windosill is one of the few games that may in fact benefit from its brevity, and the experience will stick with you long after completion.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

It’s worth noting that an art gallery that gives you a peek into the evolution of Windosill is available as a bonus feature. There are some beautiful sketches and watercolors to be seen. Many of these would make excellent iPad wallpapers, but there is no option for full-screen mode. We recommend playing through the game before looking at the art gallery, as there are some spoilers.

Windosill is both a fun game and a deeply rich visual experience. If you’ve got three dollars and an hour, Windosill is one of the most memorable ways to spend it.